About us

This is why GaijinPot exists.

What we do

GaijinPot is built on the five pillars that every newcomer in Japan needs to successfully begin their life here.

Why GaijinPot

More than 2.6 million gaijin — and counting — have made a life here. But wait! What is this word “gaijin”? Gaikokujin is the formal term for “foreigner” in Japanese. Gaijin is a the casual Japanese word (some might say controversial in certain contexts) for foreigner. We are proud to represent the foreign population — what we consider a “melting pot” of gaijin from different countries — who come to Japan. Thus, GaijinPot.

Who we are

We have grown from passing out paper pamphlets at local train stations to more than 6 million online users all over the globe in 2018. GaijinPot has the No. 1 job board for foreigners in Japan and is an essential online guide to establishing and enjoying life here.

GaijinPot, with its diverse staff of 40 people, is deeply rooted in the foreign community in Japan. We work with individuals, organizations and companies to offer support, opportunity and innovation for foreigners, as well as unique and often underrepresented points of view on the “foreign experience” in Japan.

The GaijinPot team is part of the of 14 nationalities that make up its parent company, GPlus Media, established in 2001. GPlus Media now has branches in Tokyo and Osaka and is a member of the Fujisankei Communications Group.

A brief history of GaijinPot

Back in the ’90s, our founders (Peter and Erik) were living and teaching in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Shocked by the lack of information available for English-speaking foreigners, they took it upon themselves to provide this much-needed info. GaijinPot.com was officially launched on Feb. 12, 1999. On the cusp of the internet era, the first version of “GaijinPot” was a simple website — self-coded on a shoestring budget — with job listings and classified ads.

As one of the first English job boards in Japan, it instantly became a household name, and in 2001, GaijinPot headquarters moved to Tokyo. Throughout the years, the website and its reach have grown exponentially for it to become the leading resource for foreigners in Japan. Progress (and a lot of hard work) brought additional features to the site that you see today. While we continue to innovate, GaijinPot's core mission will remain unchanged: Help people live their best lives in Japan.

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