Top Questions

1. Can you find me a job in Japan?

Unfortunately, no. GaijinPot Jobs cannot help individuals looking for a job and does not act as a personal recruiter. however, we do have job listings and services that can help you find a job in japan.

We have many tools to help you in your job search:

  • Try a job search or browse jobs in japan
  • Subscribe to jobmail newsletter and have matching jobs sent to you. To subscribe visit the GaijinPot Jobs home page.

2. How do I register on GaijinPot Jobs?

Registering with GaijinPot Jobs is free and easy!

  1. Click on the ‘Register’ link located beside ‘Login’ on the main menu
  2. Complete the registration form
  3. A verification email will be sent to your email inbox. Click the verification link to complete your registration

3. How do I apply to jobs?

To apply to a job, you need to login or register and create a resume. Once you have a 100% completed resume, you can apply to any advertised job, providing you meet the job requirements.

To apply to a job:

  1. Login or Register
  2. From the jobs listing, click on a job title or click on the ‘Apply’ button
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions

4. Why can't I apply for the same job again?

Unfortunately, if you have already applied for the same job previously, then you will not be able to apply a second time. This is to ensure that employers do not get repeated applications from the same person.

To ensure your application has the best success rate, be sure your resume is as thorough as possible, relating to the job you're applying for.
In most cases, employers will only contact successful applicants.

5. How do I change my password?

To change your password:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your email address or ‘Account Settings‘ located in the upper right corner
  3. On the next screen, there is an option to change your password

6. How can I delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account, it is easy to do.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your email address located in the upper right corner
  3. On the next screen, there is an option to delete your account

7. How do I change my personal information?

Your personal information is linked to your resume. It is your personal profile.

To make any changes, follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click the ‘Resume’ tab in the menu
  3. Click the ‘Edit’ button next to your name
  4. Edit your information
  5. Click ‘Save Profile’

8. How do I post / create a resume?

From the moment you login, by default, you are in the resume section.
start building your resume by completing the sections shown on the page.


  1. You need a 100% complete resume before you can apply to jobs
  2. Completed resumes are indicated by a green progress bar
  3. To receive job offers from employers, ensure your completed resume is searchable by clicking the ‘make searchable’ check box
  4. Only one resume at a time can be selected as your searchable resume
  5. Currently, there is no option to upload a personal resume

9. Can I upload multiple Resumes?

Yes. Your resumes can be tailored to suit different positions and employers.
A maximum of 10 resumes are allowed per account.


  1. To create a new resume, click on the ‘Create a New Resume’ button located under your resume listing
  2. To save time, you can also duplicate a completed resume by clicking on the ‘Duplicate’ button located on your resume page

10. What is JobMail?

Jobmail is a daily email newsletter delivering highlights of jobs currently available in Japan.
From time to time you may also receive news of career events, networking opportunities and other career-related information relevant to working in Japan.

Subscribe to Jobmail from the GaijinPot Jobs section and get jobs you're interested in delivered to you.

11. How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to Jobmail?

To subscribe:

  1. Visit the GaijinPot Jobs section and simply enter your email address in the Jobmail widget
  2. Check your email to verify your subscription
  3. Upon successful verification, you will be taken to a settings page where you can personalize Jobmail settings

To unsubscribe:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on your email address located in the upper right corner
  3. On the next screen, there is an option to unsubscribe

12. What are Job Alerts?

Job Alert is a feature of GaijinPot Jobs that helps users find more specific jobs.
After performing a job search, users have the option to save it and receive an email notification whenever a job that matches the search criteria appear.

Job Alert is automatically activated after a job search has been performed.
Search for a job now and give it a go!

13. How do I subscribe to a Job Alert?

  1. Visit the GaijinPot Jobs section and perform a job search
  2. The Job Alert box will automatically appear below the search box
  3. Enter your email to subscribe
  4. Check your email to verify your subscription

To subscribe to more than one alert, simply perform a new search and subscribe again.

14. I'm not getting the alerts that I expected. How do I get more relevant alerts?

If the alert(s) you are receiving for a particular job type isn't what you expected, then chances are that the options you have picked include incorrect phrasing.

What you should try:

  1. Search for the same job type again but use different words
  2. Compare your word choice to those of what employers and companies are using

15. How do I unsubscribe to a Job Alert?

Job Alert emails include links to unsubscribe. Click on the links to cancel your alerts.

16. I am having trouble logging into my account, what can I do?

There are some common reasons this could be happening, most of which is related to the browser you're using.

To resolve the issue, try the following:

  1. Clear your browser history and cache (In most modern browsers, the option to clear cache can be found either under the ‘Tools’ menu or the browser's ‘Home’ menu)
  2. Refresh the page
  3. Try logging in again